Achieve your dream body without having to weight everything you eat

Imagine having a personal nutritionist in your pocket. Advising you at every meal and effortlessly tracking your calories with a simple photo! Your AI nutritionist adapts to your unique dietary needs, effortlessly delivering customized insights to help you reach your goals.

  • Speak with your assistant in your native language
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  • Founded in 🇵🇹 Portugal. We respect your data.

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"Instead of a traditional diet, these programs are like personal assistants that help someone quickly make healthy food choices. They are based on research showing the healthiest choices are likely to be unique to each individual."

"Custom diets are the next frontier in nutrition science – and artificial intelligence will play a key role in figuring out what each of us should, and shouldn’t, be eating."


From tracking my calories, to giving me the most delicious recipes to not fail my diet, Ludis made my goals a lot easier.

Nathan Wilson ✅ Verified purchase


This is like the nutritionist that you have been looking for all your life, affordable, helpful, and available for you 24x7.

Daniela Santos ✅ Verified purchase


When I wanted to lose weight I always needed to start tracking my food, now I just take a photo and follow the advice.

Miguel Correia ✅ Verified purchase

How it works

A personal nutritionist in your pocket

Upload a photo of your meals, and with artificial intelligence we will analyze the photo and track the exact grams of fats, carbs and protein you just ate.

Every morning your nutritionist will check up on you, and teach you to make better eating choices.

Never wonder if you should take this supplement or not, or if you should eat less of a certain food again.

Get a weekly report of your progress

Dive into your weekly progress report, a vibrant snapshot of your journey. Witness your body composition evolve, celebrate improved eating habits with a personalized score, and uncover tailored nutritional insights.

As you progress, your diet plan dynamically adapts, ensuring each step you take is on your personalized path to wellness.

Discover, adapt, and celebrate—all with our smart, simple-to-understand reports.

Ditch boring, unhelpful calorie tracking for a personal nutritionist

Imagine a personal nutritionist in your pocket—advising you at every meal and effortlessly tracking your calories with a simple photo.

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